Came Across a Really Cool Album

So this Canadian band popped up in my Spotify recommended one day, they had a few thousand listens and only the one record released in 2011. (seems like their only social media is myspace)

The band are called “Parks & Rec”, and the album; “Seeds Grown Here”.
Can’t seem to find too much about them but they’re really good!

Thought it was worth sharing and hope people like them as much as I do.
My favourite song of theirs is either “All These Lives Collide” or “Get By”.

Their Bandcamp
Their Spotify


Awesome! I’ll check them out!


I’ll give it a listen right NOW.

you should all check out this band from seattle, called “Racoma” - they have a 5 song album that sounds fantastic. also Del Water Gap is very good and worth listening to!!