Carpool? Sunday Aug. 22 Pinegrove @ Arrowhead Farm Brewery

What’s up, internet!
I’m a relatively new PG fan (a friend of mine introduced them to me about 2 years ago) and was instantly smitten. Fav albums are Cardinal and Marigold but I’m excited to dig through their entire catalog. Used to play in a cover band during grad school in NYC, and during the day I’m a lawyer suing institutions on behalf of individuals.

Why am I introducing myself you ask? Because I’m looking to carpool to the Sunday 8/22 gig in Arrowhead, NY. Most of my friends in NYC are more into the rap/hip-hop scene so I’m hoping I can find some other PG fans to fit in my car. The venue has limited parking and PG of course encourage carpooling. More info here:

Not sure how active this board is so this may be a shot in the dark, but hopefully there are some NYC area fans that are up to check this out. For both our comfort I’d want to have a phone call or FaceTime this week just to make sure neither of us is some serial killer or alien, but most PG fans I’ve interacted are actually really cool leftist peeps so I’m optimistic this will work out. Thanks! -Jimmy