Favorite Pinegrove Record?

Alright let’s do it. Vote for your favorite PG record. Yes, ESF is a collection of songs/releases, but it is how most people have experienced those songs. Try to explain why in your reply!

  • Everything So Far
  • Cardinal
  • Skylight

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Also…who knows…it might change in a couple of months. :marigold: :marigold: :marigold:


I hate to say it but I find it highly impossible. I mean, Everything So Far covers so much ground and has so many great songs on it. I just don’t see how Marigold tops that.


It’s not listed but MERIDIAN! I feel like it would be better to consider Meridian separately since it is an LP and not including Everything So Far since it’s more of a compilation.


Yes I totally get it. Again, it’s just how most of us have experienced these songs.

Yeah I totally get it. And ESF is the most accessible way to hear all those tunes but I still think of it in terms of the different sections from each release.

wow i’m honestly very surprised that cardinal isn’t topping the charts!

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i found pinegrove a few months before cardinal dropped but that album is actually what made me a fan. frankly can’t get in to a good bit of ESF. skylight is also extremely good and i had a tough time deciding between that and cardinal, but cardinal it is

i think objectively the newer songs are better but i have an emotional connection to the older ones. there’s something about finding a new band and experiencing their songs at that time vs hearing new releases. idk it’s never the same for me