Feeling weird now that Pinegrove is getting bigger

Hey friends,

I know this is totally illogical, but is anyone else feeling a little overprotective and strange now that bigger celebrities are tweeting and talking about Pinegrove? I obviously want them to be successful but I get this weird feeling when I see all these articles about Kristen Stewart having a PG tattoo. It’s so nuts how big they’re getting! Obviously, I want them to keep getting more successful, just get a weird jealous feeling hahaha!

They are still playing small rock clubs. Look at their youtube hits… its about the same as its always been. The reality of life in America is…if we want Pinegrove to continue making music and touring, they will need to maintain a certain level of popularity in order to make enough money to sustain. Music is meant to be heard. :slight_smile:

They aren’t really a radio single kind of band, so I don’t think you have to worry about them becoming the next Bastille or something to that effect. There’s probably a capped ceiling to how big they can get, especially with the unfortunate public matter from 2017. Some folks dont look beyond a headline.