Marigold feels

lemme know ALL of your thoughts <3 silly, sincere, or otherwise

for example:

spiral is the best love song i know.

dotted line is the greatest disney song i’ve ever head.


no drugs caught me so far off guard. i was so, like most of us, used to the solo version played in brussels back in 2017. its like evan did his own little pinetab of that old recording and created the new no drugs we now know and love.

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Dotted Line may be the best song in general but Moment I feel is the best song in concert. The Alarmist hasmy favorite line “Can I believe in the me before I knew you beautifully?”. Neighbor I find funny somehow but has a very true meaning and I love how it pairs with Moment. Alcove I can’t sing too loudly at home because I live with an Emily, and she isn’t happy about the lyric.


been listening on repeat for most of my waking hours.

spiral, hairpin and neighbor are my favourites

very excited to see them again in march now

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Haven’t listened to anything else this week. This record is awesome!

Alcove, Hairpin, Dotted Line, No Drugs and Endless are the frontrunners for me. Alcove is a such a powerful song/track. They did a great job with Marigold - well worth the wait!

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Updating my own thread because I just got diagnosed with fibro and endless is really helping me through it.

Whenever I’m anxious, I sing the chorus to dotted line to myself. My anxiety brain has a habit of just repeating my troubles over and over, and it’s so helpful to have that repeating “cause I dont know how, but I’m thinkin it’ll all work out” goin through it instead.

Spiral still blows me away every time I hear it. Absolutely incredible. It’s just the feeling of acknowledging and falling in love with day to day life to me :heart:


I genuinely do the same thing when my anxiety is bothering me, I’m right there with you!

And I’m so sorry about your diagnosis, that line “it feels pretty bad to me, but I don’t think it goes on endlessly” has so much hope in it and I wish all that hope for you. Best of luck, fellow Pinenut!