'Marigold' in Hi-Res???

I’ve been trying to find somewhere to buy ‘Marigold’ as a hi-res digital download - just like the last two albums, but am not having any luck so far.
Is it currently available somewhere in 24 bit or are there any plans to make it available at a later date?

Bandcamp! I believe Marigold was $9.99 when I ordered it. Pinegrove or Rough Trade (not sure who’s in charge of it) uploaded the album in a lossless format (FLAC, WAV, or AIFF) since that’s a Bandcamp requirement, and the rest of the formats are extracted from that lossless file. You can then download the album in any format you’d like. Bit depth depends on how they recorded it.

That was the first place I tried. The FLAC was 16/44.1 on release date. Rough Trade is behind the curve on hi-res releases it seems.