Musicians needed!

Kind of a long shot, but I figure this is as good a place as any to ask.

I’m a musician and I’ve found that PG has been having more and more of an influence on the music I write and seek out, so I was hoping once, COVID eases up if there were any like minded musicians on here that might want to get a PG inspired project going. I’m in Phoenix, AZ and I’m hoping there are others on here who might be interested!

Im nowhere near ya (hawaii), but I sing and play keyboard. Super down to put vocals on something, and throw ideas back and forth.


hi !

I’m a musician from South Carolina, but I’d love to be involved in any way that would be helpful!

I’m in PHX! I play drums, let me know what I can do, would love to be involved.

I’d love to! I sing and write songs and play guitar. Unfortunately like many here I’m not in Phoenix. I’m in Seattle some of the time and LA some of the time. I’d be happy to contribute remotely and if anyone’s in those two cities, I’d love to hang out and make music together!

That’d be really cool! I’m an audio engineer and arranger from Brazil (super far but I’ll be able to travel again once COVID is over), I also play piano and guitar. Would love to hang out and make some stuff with you guys!

Wow just checking back on this and I’m stoked on the response! Maybe we could get some type of remote collaboration thing going! Feel free to hit up my email and we can figure it out from there!

I think this is a great idea! I’m in Detroit if anyone is near and wants to jam or I’d be happy to try something remote! I play guitar and have some very basic garageband skills if that’s helpful lol

email is

If y’all use Acapella it’s easy to collab on projects from anywhere. Check it out. Not much Pinegrove on there yet but I think this community could change that. I put a rough cover of Alcove on there the first day I learned it. My name on there is the same as here botley

Hey Jonathan! Are you looking for anyone to collab with in Seattle? I play guitar, sing, keys