Pinefest 2023

Hey, I posted this on the subreddit but thought I’d share it here too:

essentially- hi there! i’m Lucca. i’m an indie musician who goes to Kenyon College, which means i have ready access to both the actual pinegrove (like this one) and other indie musicians. next year, i’m hoping to combine these things into an outdoor music festival called pinefest, located in the pinegrove, for all our amazing student musicians. the festival will take place on the evening of 11/11, of course.

but the scheme doesn’t stop there. what if this day of indie rock revelry extended from our tiny ohio college campus to pinenuts and indie musicians around the world? what if 11/11 was declared a national- or international- day of celebrating local music scenes and the pinegrove spirit across the world? what if we organized to host house shows, basement concerts, backyard festivals, etc, all on the same day, swapping resources, putting videos all on a centralized website so that we can uplift each other, find new talent, and enjoy the pleasure and fulfillment that can only come from making music together?

what if i’ve already made a subreddit so those who are interested can develop this idea further? check out r/pinefest2023 hehehe

i don’t know if this is even feasible, but it would be very very cool. what do y’all think?

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