Pinegrove Book Club - Paul Beatty 'The Sell Out'

Hello all! When are we going to discuss The Sell Out?


Hey! I’m keen, I’m caught up with reading Autumn by Ali Smith now, but if people are keen and we have a date in mind, it could jigsaw things together?

What/when do you think?

Gentle bump, is there a tentative start date for round 2?

Also, I missed the inaugural discussion; are there any norms—either formal or informal—I should be aware of regarding the ways we interact with each other (beyond respect and civility)? Likewise for posting etiquette (i.e., whether to reply to the thread versus a particular comment, the appropriate # of postings per section, etc.)

Update from the mailing list: “our book club for paul beatty’s novel The Sellout will (finally) occur on Sunday August 8 at 2pm est. there will be a single casual meeting to chat, gab, & otherwise chew on our respective responses to the book. doesn’t matter how long ago you read it or how much of it you’ve read. all are welcome!”

Looking forward to chatting with you all then! :slight_smile:

hey folks! wanna invite you over to the discussion thread, starting soon:)