Rig rundown/production on Marigold

Hi y’all!

Very cool to see pinegrove bringing back community forums. As a fellow musician/producer I loved the command + s sessions for skylight, and would love to see something similar with marigold, or at least a bit of info on the gear used. Seems like the production has been one upped from skylight so far, even though I am a big fan of skylight’s production.

If any pinegrove members are reading this, what did you do differently with the upcoming album? Was it recorded in the same house? Would also love insight on guitars, amps, microphones and micing techniques, etc.

Very excited for the new music!

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Definitely sounds more present then Skylight. Each album has had a very noticeably different production thus far. I’m curious how intentional that is. I think it always fits the set of songs perfectly.

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I honestly like the big, roomy, under-produced feel of cardinal


Bumping these questions! I personally love how much clearer the new :marigold: tracks sound & I’m curious about the evolution of the :pg: recording philosophy