Use of Piano in PG songs

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I’ve played piano for most of my life and very recently guitar. A lot of pinegrove songs have some awesome keys behind them to add in a funky bluegrass feel sometimes. Does anyone know of any resources to learn their songs on the piano?

I know all of the songs from 11:11, Marigold, and Skylight have public tabs (yay!) with chords on guitar that can be translated to the piano. With this I could figure out the melody in my right hand and play the chords with my left, making it sound like a really full song. But, does anyone know anything about just playing exactly what they play in the songs? Does that make any sense?


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I have a transcription of my piano solo on Light On that I’d be happy to share! :notes::blush:

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That would be awesome!! That song has some of the coolest licks in it too. Thanks so much!
How could I access it?

Now posted on Light On tabs page! (Or will be soon)

You rock!

One question: is there a tabs section on this website? If so, I’m not quite sure how to find it.
Or, did you upload it to a different platform like UltimateGuitar?

Oh, I just realized that you meant the official pinetabs page!
Also, I take it when you say “my piano solo” it really IS yours! Is that you playing it on the official Amperland, NY recordings?

Thanks to you, endlessly!

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Yes. I played piano on Light On on the Skylight album too, but the solo was different. You’re welcome!

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