Whats your favorite movie??

Mine is disney pixars UP

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That’s interesting. Why do you love it so much?

My favorite movie is American Honey directed by Andrea Arnold, starring Shia LaBeouf .


Letterboxd plug, I guess! https://letterboxd.com/thegoslow/

Mine are on there

The Shining

Jack and The Cuckooclock Heart! It’s a cute french animated film created by the lead singer of one of my favorite bands :slight_smile:

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Big with Tom Hanks is a masterpiece!!


I love Shia LaBeouf! I’m so glad he seems like he’s doing well. A true underrated genius.

Waking Life!! Also, if anyone likes satire I would HIGHLY recommend Greener Grass… They finally put it on Hulu haha

all time favorite is Secret Life of Walter Mitty
but my current favorites are
Portrait of a Lady on Fire
Skate Kitchen
Tree of Life